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The New Crew

Tarmon Gai Don

Has played Tibia since 2003. She has always been on Danubia, where she is a proud member of the guild Valhalla which was founded in march 2004. Green-dragon is a peaceful player and enjoys roleplaying and events. Furthermore, she's the admin of Tibiacity.
In real life Green-dragon is a 24 year old computer and information science student who has a job as a community manager on the side. She keeps corn snakes as pets (zzzzt!).

The Old Crew

Plays Tibia since 2003. She always played Rubera, where she is leader of the guild Lotus that was founded in December 2005. She loves to talk and help others. Not just her guild mates, she helps everyone who’s friendly and in need of help.
In real life Rody is a 50 year old mother of 1 son. She has a full-time job. Besides this job she is a volunteer in the management of the playground community in which building our meetings are organised. Rody has a dog and 2 cats.

Fluffy Lady
Plays Tibia since 2005. Fluffy Lady started in Rubera with her char Kadetje. Together with Rody she was one of the founders of the guild Lotus. In 2007 she left Rubera and started her current char in Premia. Just like Rody, Fluffy is a very peaceful and helping person, who loves to talk and just have fun.
In real life Fluffy too is the mother of 1 son. She is 55 years old, and has a full-time job. In fact, she is Rody´s colleague at work. Fluffy has a cat.

Dum Dummy
Plays Tibia since 2006. Dum Dummy started in Isara with his char Bam Bino. Later when he started in Refugia he started together with some online friends the guild Kingdom of Eternal Souls. After 2 years of leadership he stepped down and let the others continue the guild. Dum Dummy, is as the names says, a kind of crazy person who likes to have fun and just wants to have a good time, whether it is hunting, chatting or annoying the hell out of the chars stated above.
In real life Dum Dummy is just one of the crazy guys. Son of his parents for over 24 years already. He has a full time job developing websites and other graphic works. He has several pets... his mum and cousins.

We'd like to give a special thanks to the people below. Without their help in the previous years we couldn´t have organized the meeting.
Tirami Su
Stream on Celesta
Sun Henceforth