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Meeting 2015

August 8th 2015 the span class="style3">TENTH edition of the annual Amsterdam Tibia Meeting will be held!

Everyone is welcome! Regardless of your server, nationality, age or character level, everyone is invited to join us at the Tibia meeting. Speaking English or Dutch is recommended as not everyone may speak other languages.

The meeting will take place on Saturday the 8th of August, in Amsterdam. The meeting will start at 14:00 (2 pm CEST). We expect to end it at around 20:00 (8 pm CEST). It will take place in a small club house that's part of a playground.

Vereniging De Noorderspeeltuin
2e Lindendwarsstraat 10
1015 LH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Sadly, parking fees are rather high in the area (about € 4.50 an hour). We recommend trying to come by public transport or to leave your car in one of the suburbs of Amsterdam and use public transport from there. The Dutch railroad company (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) often has special offers during the summer season! More information can be found at www.ns.nl. The site is available in English too.

This year, there will be no entrance fee! This means that joining the meeting is completely free of charge! To make this possible, we're looking for people who are willing to help out with prizes, snacks, events, etc. If you'd like to help out, please mention so on the form here. During the meeting, we will likely order dinner (there are several places where we can order food, including but not limited to pizza, chinese, etc.). Drinks will be available, but at your own expense (1,75 per drink). Alcohol will be available, but only in the form of beer and wine. Of course, alcohol will only be sold to people of legal drinking age.

Note that the Amsterdam Tibia Meeting is an actual meeting and not a LAN party. No computers will be present. The idea of the meeting is to get to meet your fellow Tibians, have fun, eat, drink and discuss anything Tibia related or not Tibia related.
During the day, you can expect a few Tibia related mini-events such as a quiz with cool prizes, storytelling and more! If you would like to help out and host an event of your own, please contact us. Any help is appreciated!

Sound cool? Join us in Amsterdam - remember, it's completely free of charge!
See you there!

Your ATM Crew:
Nathyn Nightwatcher (Guardia)
Green-dragon (Danubia)

We would also like to thank the staff of all the previous meetings. Retired staff:
Rody (Rubera)
Fluffy Lady (Saphira)