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How did it start

How did it all start? Well, actually, it didn't. We can't really say that we decided to organize a real life meeting at a certain point - it was an idea that grew over time. Slowly, but inevitably.

The beginning
It all started with two a bit aging ladies playing a game. A not so famous, 2D role playing game. In that game they came in contact with people from all over the world, mostly much younger then they were. But age was never an issue in this game. After all, the characters all look the same and do not age (something all ladies like a lot). Of course we never kept our age a secret, that would be a silly thing to do. And the age came with a huge advantage too: we could use our age as an excuse for not being swift and heroic. 'Cause it seemed all those youngsters (mostly male) dared to do anything! Not afraid of any creature, running to rescue the ladies in distress... they did it all. On the other hand, our age made those youngsters 'adopt' us for being their in-game mom, aunt, sister. They told us all real life issues they had to face hoping we could help them out or even just listen and tell them how we loved them for what they were. We've witnessed a lot of loves starting, breaking up, making up, breaking up again, and sometimes finally come true. We listened to school experiences, the trouble of finding a job, problems at home and quarrels with friends. All this while fighting monsters, doing quests, having parties for celebrating birthdays and 'talking' in 10 personal channels.

All this made us wonder who the persons behind the chars were. Of course we knew most of them were (young) teenagers, they were so kind and helpful in the game - we wanted to get to know them. And that's how the idea of a real life meeting started. 'Wouldn't it be nice to see how he looks like in real?',
'I wonder if he is just as nice in real as he's here', 'Incredible to realize he has a mom in real who loves him...'.

There was no escape, we just HAD to organize that meeting. But how? And where? And for who?

The first planning
We decided to have the meeting in the autumn of 2006, and only for Dutch people from Rubera. No way it could be foreigners or people from other worlds would be interested in meeting 2 older Dutch ladies, right? And schools are closed for a week during the autumn. So, we made a post on Rubera forum, telling how and what. We were astonished with how many reactions we got. So many people stated they would love to attend the meeting. But keep in mind... these were kids mostly. So a lot of them had to withdraw cause their parents didn't approve of them going to meet these virtual friends. God knows what could happen. After all, the world is full of insane people.

Meanwhile, waiting for responses to the thread and for time to pass, we started the organization. What was needed? Where could we find a place big enough to host so many people? How to keep them entertained during the day? And, most important of all maybe, how could we make sure everyone would be safe and have a good time? 2006 Was not a very peaceful year in Rubera, and rumours were people would tend the meeting to 'settle' some in-game differences. We weren't particularly looking forward to that to happen. But .. we couldn't call it off anymore. We got permission to have the meeting in a club-house in the centre of Amsterdam, close to where we lived. So, we started shopping, cooking, thinking about decorations, and organizing a quiz. The day itself would go like it would go... we were sure the weather would be nice, and people would have too much to talk about to do anything different anyways. If not, we figured the quiz would give us all a moment of 'ease' from all hectic and maybe calm down a possible argument. And thank goodness, more (mature) people offered to help, something we accepted thankfully. In the end we were with 5. On top of that we had our own 'guard'. One of our sons offered to make sure everyone would stay nice.

The first meeting
And then it was October 29... the day of the meeting. Early in the morning we were already in the club house, decorating and stowing away the food we made at home. A telephone call... 'Hey, we are in Weesp and take the train to Amsterdam now, how to go from there?' One of us went to Central Station to get these people and bring them to the club house. Meanwhile a couple of others arrived there. Was this it? Only so few people? More phone calls, people asking us for the way to the club house, where to park the car, etc. Eventually almost 40 people came. And believe it or not... they were EXACTLY like they were in game. With one exception... the guy who's mom we pitied before... he turned out to be a real sweetheart

This was the start of our Amsterdam Tibia Meeting-tradition. In 2007 we decided to have it open for all worlds and nationalities, which resulted in the presence of Swedish and British people. Language was no issue, everyone knew enough English to communicate even though we sometimes needed hands and feet to make things clear. We opened an email-address () where people could ask for more information or for a route-description. And now the third meeting has already passed, you can read the impressions of that day elsewhere on this site. Some people joined for the first time, others have been to all 3 meetings.

A change of crew
After many succesful meetings hosted by the old crew, they decided that it was time to retire and let youngsters host the meeting. The 2013 meeting was the very first meeting with us, the new crew. We hope to make all future meetings as succesful as the old ones!

We hope to meet you all at the meeting too, some day!

The Amsterdam Tibia Meeting Crew